For 100 years the BFA has been rooted in this fantastic Industry.  We are pleased to provide members with a number of tools and services to run their businesses successfully. On this page you can find out different aspect about the BFA.

Standards of Excellence

The BFA 'Standards of Excellence' sets out the standard that BFA Members have agreed to follow in order to attain the best level of service for their customers.

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Advertising Opportunities

Advertise on the BFA website and reach not only our member florists but also over a potential 40,000 visitors that visit our website each month. Reaching all these customer could be cheaper than you think.  Click here for our rates & options >

What We Do

The British Florist Association is the only trade association in the florist industry that is recognised by Government both in the UK and EU. 

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Corporate Weblinks

The following businesses and organisations are either corporate members of the BFA, and/or member benefit partners providing complimentary or discounted goods and services to our members.  Click here >

History of the BFA

The British Florist Association originates from the first trade body founded in 1917. It has evolved over time and is today is the dynamic voice of the independent florist.

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The BFA is a member of the International Florist Organisation FLORINT. This body looks after the economical prosperity of all its member countries of which there are circa 21.

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Meet The BFA Board

The BFA board of directors is elected from the membership by fellow members at the associations’ annual general meeting (AGM). But what do these directors do exactly?

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Aims & Objectives

The British Florist Association means business... Do you ?

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The BFA Fighting Back for Florists

The BFA do a lot behind the scenes to fight for British florists - in 2017 more than ever we are upping the anti.... Trust us, this you'll want to read!

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International Recognition

The British Florist Association isn't just recognised in the UK but Internationally

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Join the Team??

Would you like to Join the BFA Team in the great work we do? Take a look at the exciting ways you could become involved and the positions we have available

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