Membership of the BFA is an essential for every Florist Business 

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What we do?

The BFA represent florists each and every day.  However our work isn't limited to publising you to the consumer or the events we hold for florist 

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6 Top reasons to join the BFA

There are many reasons to belong to the BFA, here we tell you the Top 6 reasons!

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What is the BFA?

If you ever questioned 'What is the BFA' then this is the page for you. Clearly and consisely we lay out the details
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Member Benefits

Belonging to the British Florist Association  gives your business a host of member benefits as well as giving you the sign of professionalism to use within you business. Click here to find out more


Our Consumer Website

Read obout the Consumer Website and what effect it has on our members and why it's such an important part of our membership message.

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Consumer recognition

Everyday the BFA promotes British Florists in many ways - making sure our BFA members are recogonised by the consumers in the UK and beyond.  Click here and take a closer at how we get the message across.

Aims and Objectives

Take a look at our Aims and Objectives and understand why your membership directly supports your business as we strive to achieve them.  

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Different types of Membership

The BFA represent the whole industry, Florist Businesses, Colleges, regional and national and International supplier as well as individuals with the IoPF membership. Click here to see the full list

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