Alongside countless budding flowers, spring of 2016 will herald the coming of the most important International floristry event of the year:


The Europa Cup 2016

The four-yearly European Florist Championship. It will take place in ‘La Superba’, the magnificent city of Genoa, Italy, and featured 23 of Europe’s most celebrated floral designers. All of them will face formidable competition on their path to becoming the official European Florist Champion

This years winner was Tamas Mezoffy from Hungary with Russia following a close 2nd and Piro Koppi from Finland in 3rd. Laura from the Uk made some wonderful designs gaining high places in the Bridal and Hand Tied tasks. Our thanks go to Laura and her assistant Jane Benefield for all their hard work before and during this gruelling competition.

Florint has organized the European Florist Championship, colloquially called the ‘Europa Cup’ of Floristry, on average every 4 years – ever since the year 1967. The most recent editions of the European championship were in 2011 (in Havířov, in the Czech Republic) and before that in 2007 (In Velenje, Slovenia). The contest serves as a comparison in craftsmanship between florists from different countries, while simultaneously stimulating innovation and promoting the floristry profession to the public!

Wonder how this competition relates to your business?

Competitions are the places where design boundaries can be pushed to the extreme, ideas can run wild and new techniques and concepts created, they forward our industry keeping us constantly progressing, moving us into the next trends and keeping us at the cutting edge of innovation.

Many comparisons can be drawn between competitions and highend haute couture catwalk fashion shows, designs or outfits can seem over the top, uncommercial and not for the 'everyday' or 'everyman' however, just as you see with outlandish outfits, ideas are paired back, they filter down onto the highstreets and into outfits - this is just the same as competition work.

Competition show WE ARE EXPERTS designs created can not be equalled by other 'flower sellers' we sometimes battle against the perception that floristry is easy, that  is not a challenging profession, we know differently and promoting events such as 'The Floristry Europa cup' show that we mean business!  Just think how your customers would react when they know all the fact about this kind of international event, would their insight benefit our industry?

COMPETITIONS = Promoting craftsmanship + Simulating innovation + Sharing the joy of flowers



We're delighted to introduce our UK Competitior Laura Leong

Laura’s life with flowers started as a child, she loved to help her grandfather in his garden which seemed idylic, a place with bright colours and heavenly scents. A few years down the line, she really wanted to look for a career where she could use her interest in art every day, so she sought out a job in a florist shop, where her adventures began.

Over the years Laura worked in many shops as a retail florist, and was lucky enough to study floristry at college alongside her job. This was where she got “the bug” for floristry competitions. An early success in a “junior competition” gave her a taste for it, and years later she still enjoys the thrill of a new competition schedule.
Whilst still working in a flower shop, Laura went to University to study Fine Art, with a specialism in painting, this lead to a series of exhibitions and more recently developed into on going projects illustrating floristry texts.

Laura began teaching art and floristry soon after University and has continued to lecture in floristry ever since. It has been particularly gratifying to see her students go on to achieve great heights, both through the World Skills competitions and through competitions like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.
More recently, Laura works as a demonstrator, travelling far and wide to give presentations to a wide and varied audience. Alongside this she teaches floristry qualifications and workshops to groups, and trains individuals who have a particular interest in technical, competition or craft practice with flowers.

To view Laura's website CLICK HERE to read Laura's bio on the Europa cup website CLICK HERE 

To see all the competitors CLICK HERE


It's highly recommended that you buy your tickets as soon as possible.  Buying them in advance will give you considerable saving however, BFA members (so members of Florint) are also able to receive an additional 10% discount on tickets until 15th March, CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS For your BFA ticket discount code CLICK HERE this will take you to the member area of our  BFA website you will need your  membership no. (which you can find on your membership card).  Contact us if you have any queries.

Tickets can be bought at a reduced rate for BFA members CLICK HERE log into the members area view the discount code and use the links

Tickets are really selling fast so don't delay.  Please also note that tickets bought at the venue will be around 40% more due to VAT and handling fees of the venue - so we urge you to buy online.  

What is on the program exactly?

The competition:

The European Florist Championship 2016 will span six rounds, spread out over the course of two days: Friday, April 8, and Saturday, April 9. The new European champion will then be announced during a festive award ceremony, in gala style, on the evening of the 9th. A detailed schedule has been made available on the website: you can click here for the program.

Demonstrations, workshops & the florist corner: 

Alongside the Europa Cup’s championship rounds, the ‘Magazzini del Cotone’ convention centre where the event takes place will accommodate a large floristry trade fair. Visitors will be able to engage in floral design workshops, and demonstrations will be given by floral arrangers of renown. None other than reigning Interflora World Champion Alex Choi, German master craftsman Gregor Lersch and 2 of the tutors from our BFA European floristry school Dani Santamaria & Natalia Zhizhko, and Japanese floral scientist Aritaka Nakamura have confirmed their presence! It's a packed program with many events taking place through the event


The organisers of the Europa Cup 2016, International Florist Organisation Florint, have selected 11 hotels in Genoa which come recommended for visitors Click here to download a document listing them, to help with your planning.


Discount air travel to Genoa has been facilitated in collaboration with the Skyteam Alliance Network. To see which airlines belong to the network and what services they can offer you, please click here. You will find more information about Genoa and the beautiful surrounding coastal region of Liguria there as well.



Built in 1926 as a warehouse for goods, particularly cotton, the Magazzini del Cotone building is the main structure in the Porto Antico area of Genova’s historic harbour.

The Magazzini was renovated in 1992 by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, and has been one of the city’s most popular locations for conventions and events since. It features a one-of-a-kind, symmetrically-shaped auditorium that seats no less than 1480 people, as well as twelve other rooms to accomodate our various needs: a perfect venue for the 2016 Europa Cup of Floristry!

The Magazzini del Cotone is located in the heart of Genoa’s harbour, at Calata Molo Vecchio 15,close to airport, train stations and highways, yet a short distance from the city center as well!

porto 1'PORTO ANTICO': Learn more about Porto Antico

‘Porto Antico’ is a large square in Genoa’s historic harbour, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is over a 1000 years old but was renovated not long ago, turning it into the charming ‘heart of the new Genoa’.
CITY OF GENOA: Learn more about Genoa

Genoa is the capital of beautiful Liguria – a region that ranks among the world’s most spectacular coastlines – and has a population of slightly over 600.000. It is one of Europe’s largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea: a major economic centre as well as the largest seaport in Italy.

Genoa’s weather is deliciously mild year-round, combining elements of a Mediterranean and a subtropical climate due to its somewhat sheltered geography. The city’s history stretches all the way back into the mists of antiquity. In fact, Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba (“the Proud One”) due to its glorious past.

The city’s rich cultural history in art, architecture, music and cuisine receives much praise and allowed it to become the 2004 European Capital of Culture!

This is going to be an epic event no lover of flowers will want to miss, we hope to see you there!

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