BFA Industry Awards 2017

It’s time to ask yourself are you the best florist in the country? Perhaps you have the best student or you think your supplier is the finest in the land?

Now in the six year the BFA Industry Awards have established themselves as the place to be recognised within the Industry.  Each autumn the awards are presented at Industry Awards & Gala Dinner at FleurEx 2017. Last year we had record votes with over 17,000 people getting involved and having their say.

We urge you to vote for your favourite or get yourself nominated in the annual BFA Industry Awards!  PLEASE NOTE: You are not able to nominate yourself or your own business, employees cannot nominate their employer or their place of work. Nominations must be made by your customers.


These awards are being presented to individuals and companies as voted for by the British florist - to recognize the individual or company of your simply click on the ‘VOTE NOW’ button below or the logo to the right and fill in the details, it only takes a few minutes.

You are able to enter multiple entries so can nominate as many companies or individuals as you wish but you will only be able to cast your nominations once. All nominations received will be verified before they make it to the 2017 Shortlist. Nominations received that have been placed in the wrong category or those that do not meet the category criteria will be removed. PLEASE NOTE: You are not able to nominate yourself or your own business, employees cannot nominate their employer or their place of work. We are accepting nominations until the 30th of June 2017. After this date the nominations received will be verified, contacted and announced. Once the nominations have been announced we will open the voting system and accept votes for the finalists on the shortlist. The voting for the finalists will commence on 15th July until the 5th September.

All nominations received who make it onto the shortlist after verification will be contacted to advise them of their nomination.  Each company and individual on the shortlist will be invited to the Industry Awards & Gala Dinner at FleurEx 2017 where the winner in each category will be announced at a sparkling ceremony on the night.

Click on the 'About the category' link below for the 2017 BFA Industry Award categories and further details of each one.





Voting Verification

We use Industry leading software in the form of survey monkey to take nominations and votes.  Survey Monkey have robust analytic tools that allow us to double check all the votes that have been placed.
Our industry awards in 2016 received over 17,000 votes in total, a quantity of these were duplicate votes.  Once we had removed the duplicated votes we had a total of 12,220 votes that were counted for the final results.  We take the voting process very seriously, If you have any queries regarding any of the process we'd be happy to answer your questions please email

2016 Winners

Take a look at last years winners CLICK HERE to see the overview or the individual pages

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