Tina Parkes 

RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year Competitor


Business Name: Academy of Floral Art

Medal position: Gold

Kite weight: 5.00 kg



Tina's kite was a playful take on the traditional kite shape with a window adding a break from the tapesty of plant material. This allowed the perfect space for the inspirational message: 'Imagination is the hightest kite one can fly.' This was written on the perspex adding yet more to interest to the design.

The kite was sectioned into two colour groups, a palette of reds through to burnt orange...

...and yellows to warm golds.


The frame was edged with ribbon, and both the front and back had plant materials including chrysanthemum, spray roses, orchids, kalanchoe, looped leucadendron leaves, hypericum and begonia rex. 

Individual leucospurmum pieces were carefully glued throughout the design to add movement, lightness and extra interest. 

Well done Tina a wonderful design.



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